Providing a wide range of pumps and pumping solutions for global infrastructure and industrial market applications.

For 70 years, Smith & Loveless’ pre-engineered water and wastewater treatment and pumping systems have paved the way for municipalities, developments, industry, governmental, and military facilities. Smith & Loveless’ energy-efficient and durable systems deliver unrivaled life-cycle cost savings.

Empower your business with profitable efficiency. You base your business on cost efficiency and performance. You know that everything counts to make you more competitive. Our drives are made with all this in mind. They are flexible for you to optimize all your processes and control, and reliable for less downtime. You also get premium service, responsible solutions and expertise at your disposal, anywhere on the globe.

Badger Meter is a leading marketer and manufacturer of products using flow
measurement and control technologies developed both internally and with
other technology companies. Its products are used to measure and control the
flow of liquids in a variety of applications.

From wastewater screens to washer compactors, grit classifiers, belt filter presses, gravity belt thickeners and landfill leachate to water treatment, our products are designed to fit your existing infrastructure with minimal adjustment while saving you thousands of dollars on maintenance.

PRODUCTS – Pressure & Level Transducers, Industrial Pressure Gauges, Industrial Grade Thermometers, Pump Controllers, Diaphragm Seals

SUPERIOR products for water and wastewater treatment represent the most modern design technology coupled with the very best materials available. We’ve created outstanding user-friendly equipment, designed with user safety as our primary concern.

Fiberglass Tank Solutions, LLC (FTS) was formed due to the market demand and opportunities for large diameter fiberglass tanks as prepackaged pumping, processing, and storage solutions. Fiberglass wet wells, valve vaults, and wet well rehabilitation insert packages are three of our product offerings.

Remote Monitoring Solutions